It’s Amazing What These 5 Ingredients Can Whip Up When Tossed Together!


Take a look at what my pals over at My Litter had to say about this awesome Snicker’s Bar and apple recipe:


“Looking for a cool no-bake dessert for these *HOT* summer evenings?  Try this Snickers Salad with Apples recipe I posted a while back!

Continuing with our no-bake recipe theme, the girls and I made a Snickers Salad with Apples and Pudding this past weekend. I had made this recipe for the first time years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest and we were in college in Iowa.

It is so simple and easy, the girls did most of the work and it travels really well. There will also not be any left when you are done!”



1 3oz. Package Jell-O Pudding ( I used vanilla, you can also use French Vanilla or Cheesecake)

1 Cup TruMoo Milk

1 8oz Carton Cool Whip

2 Large Granny Apples

2 Large Snickers Bars






Quick Tip: Granny Smith apples are truly the best to use in this recipe, however, Mcintosh are great too.


Thank you to My Litter for this wonderful recipe.

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