You Don’t Need To Travel To An Amish Farm To Bake Up A Batch Of This Bread!


Check out what my friends over at Mom’s Unite Network had to say about this fabulous Amish sweet bread recipe:

“This Amish Sweet bread is simple to make and deliciously sweet. Use it for sandwiches, French toast, or any other bread needs.

I’m not sure how we first found this recipe but it was one of the first breads that I made that was actually successful. It is so sweet and so delicious. I’m not sure where the term “Amish Bread” came from but this is a really good recipe. Occasionally when I make this recipe, I’ll bring the sugar amount down to a normal amount and the bread will still taste great but will just be a little healthier.”



2 cups water (110° F)

2/3 cups Domino sugar

1 1/2 tablespoons Red Star yeast

1 1/2 teaspoons Morton salt

1/4 cup oil Wesson canola or vegetable

6 cups Gold Medal bread flour






Quick Tip: Allow yeast to proof until it resembles a creamy foam; about 10 minutes.


Thank you to Mom’s Unite Network for this great recipe.

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